Getting Real World Haskell Down Under

Are you an Australian and want to order yourself a copy of Real World Haskell? More importantly, want to do so relatively cheaply?

Most bookstores seem to be selling pre-orders of RWH from $80 to $90, which doesn’t seem fair when comparing this to the Amazon US price of US$40 (even though you can read it for free online!).

However, I’ve just managed to find an online bookstore that’s selling pre-orders for $55, which is much closer to the Amazon price!

Delivery is free, and there’s no GST (because it appears that they’re actually based in New Zealand). Also, it looks like if someone refers you to that page, you can get an extra $10 off. If you’d like a referal, leave a comment or ask me on #haskell on Freenode.

Note: no, I’m not doing any affiliate program or the like to get money off you buying it… Fishpond’s affiliate program requires the purchaser to buy $100 worth to give me $10 credit… which would probably expire in 30 days anyway 😦


2 thoughts on “Getting Real World Haskell Down Under

  1. ivanmiljenovic says:

    Yeah, just about straight after I bought it and made the above post, the Aussie dollar fell, and thus the price shot up 😦

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